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Humor is everywhere, if one is open to it. I was walking in the very old village of Cucugnan first mentioned in 951 during the crusades against the Albigeois, right beside the Cathar ruins of the Château de Quéribus. On a garage door I saw this sign: Gay parking only! I was speechless as well as delighted! Another street sign I just love is: Rue du puits qui chante, (street of the singing well). I was traveling with my 79 year old mum and we arrived in Perpignan, en route to see the Pyrenees. The hotel next to the train station was memorable: no hot water, a hole in the ceiling and noisy bikers outside our window drinking all night. So off we went looking for dinner when a lovely couple directed us to a very good restaurant at the end of this street. Many years later I found the street sign again and had lovely memories of that night with mum where the couple who had indicated the restaurant came to sit with us after dinner and very kindly offered us a half bottle of wine from Maury that had been made by the family at the birth of the gentleman and not to be opened until he was 60!

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