I started photographing people and places when I was 9 years old. My interests have been varied and changing, influenced by life itself. Since 1994, I have been making and marketing greeting cards and enlargements of my favourite photos. Whether I travel in Quebec, Mexico, the USA , Europe or Latin America, I am always fascinated with details of everyday living and the nature surrounding it all.

My background as a geographer continues to influence what I look at and photograph. I do not take beauty for granted whether I carry my camera or not. From 2000 and ending in 2011 I led tours in the South of France through U.B.C. Continuing Education. While there, we explored history, culture, the language, markets and met people, photographing whatever caught our eye. Now I am open to other possibilities for travel and photography. I don’t wish to be categorized in any style of photography for I am constantly exploring and discovering, assimilating and sharing my new passions through my camera lens.

I have been involved with Artists in Our Midst for 20 years, almost since it began in 1993.

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