Hearts and Love

Graffiti is so incredibly varied and imaginative. In Perpignan, I saw some graffiti expressing love in French and one with an error in spelling (on purpose I am sure!).

In Pézenas, walking into town, there is a huge life size graffiti of a couple dancing. It is such a pleasant surprise and also a challenge to dodge traffic to photograph it!

The first time I went to Collioure, I found a small sculpture on lovers. It is only about one foot high, but it became larger than life! Every time I went back, I just had to photograph it again and show my students how special it was.


I can’t remember why or when bleeding hearts appeared in my front garden. Maybe they were given to me as “dead or dying” as I call them, I saved them and brought them back to life. Every June, they bloom in white as well as dark pink and add a splash of colour before the explosion of summer flowers. I hope they come back this year but one never knows as said Le Petit Prince: “On ne sait jamais…!”





This magnificent huge Love Sculpture lives in Scottsdale Arizona.


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