Crows in Vancouver migrate from East to West (the beach) every morning and go home to roost at dusk in Burnaby near Still Creek. I used to be visited by one crow with a broken claw. As soon as it saw me at the patio door, it would come swooping down to wait for the food that I put out every morning. I miss seeing this special bird.

Vancouver is a big city yet we have wild birds living here, herons on the beach along with eagles and other water fowl. I love to see the juxtaposition of wild nature and city. I prefer nature and that is why I tend to photograph the city in the distance and nature in the forefront.


Swans and Ducks

As a kid, one of the only good drawings I learned to do was a swan with a beautiful curving neck. So one day in my travels, I saw a swan with the perfect profile, the one I drew as a kid. Now I have its photograph!


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