Streets and Passages

Europe to me is represented by cobbled stoned streets, walls of stone or colourfully painted, very narrow passages, and people walking, sitting and looking at the world go by or just going about their daily life. Every town has a character, a feel to it and a charm. I find myself pleasantly surprised as I turn a corner and discover yet another wonderful place. Going back to the same place is also great because I can see things differently. For 10 years I took groups of adults to the south of France to explore the language and visit the region. It was always a pleasure to show the towns and villages that I really enjoyed to a new group and rediscover them for myself. Such beauty in little things!

Coillioure 1

Collioure 2

Collioure 3

Collioure 4

Streets and Passages 1

Streets and Passages 2

Streets and Passages 3

Streets and Passages 4

Streets and Passages 5

Streets and Passages 6

Streets and Passages 7

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