I recently returned to Cuba after too many years. I had the very good fortune of meeting a cuban tour guide Alain Alvarez, who has worked for over 20 years and who shared his country with me. Fun is not the right word to describe this adventure… Great fun, fantastic fun, amazing fun… you pick! We spoke about everything under the sun: his family, his uncle who does rieki healing, religion in Cuba, values of the young Cubans, music, food, cars, art, farming, nature and we stayed in private homes who rent out rooms to tourists (casa particulares). Alain has a great network of friends who helped us find whatever we needed. For such a young person, Alain had a deep understanding of Cuban history and culture and knows how to share his love of his country. I highly recommend him!

Before I went a friend told me I would really enjoy the cars there. Me? Cars? I really didn’t care about them until I actually saw the gems that are straight out of a different era! The drivers are also very careful because they know that an accident means the end of their livelihood. Beautiful old cars with shiny paint and huge chrome bumpers are used for personal use as well as taxis. Cuba truly is beautiful!

Art in Cuba

Cuban Ballet

Cuban Cars

Cuban Music

Rural Cuba

Cuban people

Street Scenes

Havans Street Scenes


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