The rain forest in and around Vancouver is a reminder of our smallness in the grand scale of life. Some of these magnificent giants have been around for centuries. Others were, but the logging done over the years has only left their gigantic tree stumps. It is difficult to imagine what life was like when those trees were just seedlings. Fortunately, one can still admire these forces of nature and marvel at their longevity.

Black Trees

Trees in Fog


Tall Trees

In the South of France, I was amazed to see old olive trees that were 500 years old. Also, in the Pyrenees, it was surprising to see the cork trees still being harvested. In the Camargue, one day it was raining so hard we had to stop the car. I took photos through the windshield and pouring rain, a sight one cannot forget!
Trees 1

Trees 2

Trees 3

In my neighbourhood some streets are blessed with wonderful very old trees. As well, in Pacific Spirit Park, one can witness all stages of the lifespan of trees with the wonderful smells that old forests have.
Trees 4

Trees 5

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