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The first dolmen I ever saw just blew me away! To think that thousands of years ago (4000 to 3000 B.C.) men were able to move such huge stones into perfect place, make them so appealing to look at and then used them to berry their dead is amazing in itself. So I went on a small quest to find some of the many dolmen in the Pyrenees.

Pyrenees 1

Pyrenees 2

In the magnificent Camargue, aside from the special horses, one can find pink flamingos. Once a year the algae turns pinky purple in a certain pond and it looks quite odd if you have no idea what is happening!
La Camargue

Spanish Banks

Lichen in the Pyrenees

Very few places in the world have this special kind of erosion. Years ago the town sold this land to a farmer who cut down some of the Orgues and planted fruit trees. A few years later, it was brought to their attention that this was an extraordinary erosion site, so the town bought back the land and opened it up to the public. I visited this place for 10 consecutive years when I took tours to the South of France and saw the damage that high winds and storms can do to the tall cheminées de fées (Fairy Chimeneys is the name for the tall eroded formations).
Les Orgues, Ille sur Têt


The first time I took a tour to the South of France we were so happy to discover the countryside and photograph everything. One of us told our guide that all we really wanted to see was large poppy fields. Minutes later, we turned a corner and all let out a cry of delight for before us lay this amazing sight complete with the cazote, the little stone house the farmers use to rest and store their tools.
Saint-Laurent de Cabrerisse

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