In Perpignan there is a fountain in front of the tourism office. One day I saw a little girl playing in the waterfalls. The joy she expressed with her body movements was contagious and brought a smile to all those looking at her!

Girl in Fountain

Mystery Woman


Jacques, the winemaker.
In Banyuls a few years ago, my friends and I met Jacques, a local winemaker, who was wearing a blue sweater with a big hole in it over a red shirt… We decided that he must be a great and interesting man so we walked up and befriended him. Every year after that, when I took tours to the South of France, we always made a point of visiting him with a marvelous pic-nick lunch and enjoyed not only his company but his wonderful magical white Banyuls wine that is unequaled and has won many prizes.

Gil Valota the painter
I met Gil many years ago in Saint-Jean de Luz, in the French Basque country. 25 years later, I reconnected with him and his sweetheart as well as his son Bruno. All 3 were painting on the main square or the quai de l’Infante.

David the harpist.
In Quebec city one day I met David Ogalde, a harp player on the street. 10 years later, I found him again and our friendship resumed.

My mum
My dear old mum never felt old, regardless of her 90 plus years. She really didn’t like her wrinkles, but we all did and told her she was gorgeous!

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