In Perpignan there is a fountain in front of the tourism office. One day I saw a little girl playing in the waterfalls. The joy she expressed with her body movements was contagious and brought a smile to all those looking at her!

Girl in Fountain


Jacques, the winemaker.
In Banyuls a few years ago, my friends and I met Jacques, a local winemaker, who was wearing a blue sweater with a big hole in it over a red shirt… We decided that he must be a great and interesting man so we walked up and befriended him. Every year after that, when I took tours to the South of France, we always made a point of visiting him with a marvelous pic-nick lunch and enjoyed not only his company but his wonderful magical white Banyuls wine that is unequaled and has won many prizes.

Gil Valota the painter
I met Gil many years ago in Saint-Jean de Luz, in the French Basque country. 25 years later, I reconnected with him and his sweetheart as well as his son Bruno. All 3 were painting on the main square or the quai de l’Infante.

David the harpist.
In Quebec city one day I met David Ogalde, a harp player on the street. 10 years later, I found him again and our friendship resumed.

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